At Martha’s Cleaning, we often get the same questions. So below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Must I be at home when you clean my house?
It’s your choice. We encourage you to be there for the first visit to meet your housekeeper for long enough to show your home to them. You should point out your priorities (and we understand that these may vary from visit to visit). The list can then be used for future reference by your housekeeper, or in the event that your regular housekeeper is ill the person we substitute will have a checklist to work from.

If you cannot be at home when the housekeeper arrives, please notify our office and give us specific instructions on how to enter the house and any specific requests that you may have for the cleaning.

How many cleaners will clean my house?
We work as a single person or in teams of two people to four, depending on the size of homes and hours in our schedule. A Team Leader (supervisor) supervises and works with the team, and checks the quality of each cleaning.

Are the teams trained and supervised?
All of our housekeepers and teams members are trained before they’re permitted to clean your house. Each team has a supervisor who is in charge of making sure nothing is missed and that any special requests we receive from you are taken care of.

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